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Success doesn't
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Posh Owner Agata Soldato is world renowned for being an amazing permanent makeup artist, entrepreneur and teacher. But Agata wasn’t always all of these things, she started her training 10 years ago and built posh from the bottom up. Agata believes that sharing her knowledge is just a part of being grateful and paying it forward. That’s why Agata has partnered with other artists to bring you the most comprehensive and affordable training on the market. Follow these trainings and you can become a professional artist like them from learning in your own home.

Agata always says “success doesn’t happen overnight” and proper training is the first step to your success. Be fearless, work hard, and you will get there!

Agata developed the dusty powder look that works on any skin type. Her signature techniques are Ombre Brows and Lip Blushing. You will learn how to get the best healed results and learn how to work on any skin type and gender in her online training. Besides her pixels effect is unique and it’s all about the movement of the device a secret that no one else will teach you.

Mariana is the Queen of Liners. She is well known around the world for her amazing work in eyeliners. She can create a very subtle look such as lash enhancement or a bold and sexy look such as smokey eyes. She has done a lot of eyeliner correction as well and she will teach you how to do it to obtain the best results without removing it.                                            

Tiago has developed a Nano Brows Technique that blends with skinny eyebrows. Perfect for those clients that want the most natural look. He will teach you how to work on different skin types and correct shapes with strokes. You also will learn how to work on V.I.P clients based on his experience with top models and famous artists.                                                                              

Success doesn't
happen overnight!

Posh Student Reviews

We understand that it can be confusing, stressful and often misleading trying to find an education program that fits your needs!

If you plan on becoming  “great” at anything, you’re most likely going to need a good mentor. This especially applies to becoming a permanent makeup artist.

Our Master Trainer - AGATA SOLDATO is very patient and understanding towards students needs while she is teaching. At Posh we use many different ways to practice and explain our methodology to our students. Agata built her career from the bottom when she came to the USA so she appreciates students choosing her to teaching them to be like her one day. That's why we provide full outgoing support through our online student portal, by phone, email, FaceTime, and in person.

The course includes access to our training portal for 6 months from the day that you purchased. You must complete the course in this period of time in order to receive your certification

As a part of a company policy we cannot accept returns or cancellations on any of our courses or teaching material.

Once you complete a course with Posh Academy you will receive a PDF for your certificate to print, sign and keep!

Yes, The lessons and videos complied in our training are pre-recorded and are constantly being added to. In addition to our pre recorded lessons you will also receive access to our weekly Instagram live videos where you can see our Master Trainers working in real time.

The training portal is open for you to view and work in 24/7.

You will be able to upload your practice work at the end of the training session.

After each lesson video you will be able to leave comments ask questions, give suggestions, interact with other students and more. You can also contact us directly through our WhatsApp Chat box in the portal.

Yes, it is possible and allowed to take multiple online courses at once. We will give you a discount price on your next purchase. Get in touch with us through the WhatsApp Chat Box to apply for your discount code or choose the course that you are interested in and when you check out it will automatic give you a discount.

There is no prerequisite to take our online trainings, however, be mindful that your county, city or state laws may have requirements to work and do the services that we teach. We highly recommend that you contact your local health department in order to receive the most up to date information.

Posh Academy is open for all people from established technicians to those who are just getting started in the beauty industry.

One of the unique features about Posh Academy is that we strive to not only teach our students the techniques to conduct an appointment, but we also teach students the marketing techniques we use to keep our clients coming.

Your price depends on a few things:

  1. The area you live
  2. How good your work is
  3. Competitor prices in your area

We recommend checking the average prices in your area and making a thoughtful decision on this subject.

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